Nathan Caswell

Nathan Caswell

I believe in the cooperative movement. The cooperative model represents a perfect intersection of capitalism and democracy: where a group of people get together to pool their resources in order to meet a common economic need. As an independent, autonomous, independent organization, a cooperative operates under democratic control of its member-owners, for the economic interest of its member-owners.

I believe that net neutrality and high speed digital access are critical tools for an informed and democratically active citizenry; tools too important to be left to giant corporations who are only responsible to faceless shareholders spread across the globe.

Years ago, residents of Burlington cooperatively endeavored to fulfill our need for a downtown grocery store. Today, City Market is an internationally renowned retail cooperative that meets our economic needs while expressing our community values. We can do it again with Burlington Telecom.

Burlington Telecom, with its superior product and pricing, is too valuable to this community to let it go without a fight. Let’s Keep BT Local!