Megan Epler Wood

Megan Epler WoodMegan Epler Wood is a professor, former NGO leader, and social entrepreneur. She uses Burlington telecom for all of her work and is a founding member of the Keep BT Local Co-Op. She manages her own company from home, EplerWood International, which for 13 years has provided market-based approaches to sustainable tourism development and innovative systems for business, NGOs and governments in lesser developed nations to build competitive resource efficient economies that benefit all members of society.

Megan teaches two courses at Harvard Extension School on sustainable tourism and international sustainable development which are offered online and in the classroom simultaneously. In 2014, she became the Director of the International Sustainable Tourism Initiative at the Harvard Center for Health and the Global Environment where she will reach out to the global community, while working from home. She is also a Senior Fellow at the Cornell Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, a position she also manages from her desk at home.

As a founder of an international NGO, The International Ecotourism Society, she understands the importance of digital and social media campaigns, and has 20 years of experience educating the market and opinion leaders on new principles of innovative market development. She has considerable experience doing public relations and marketing for her former NGO which became internationally recognized under her leadership. She has extensive experience on policy and economic development worldwide, and presently believes that Burlington Telecom is positioned to be one of Burlington’s most important economic development assets.

The Co-op offers an important vehicle to position the importance of local ownership and control of our telecom in our community. With the crisis of net neutrality on our doorstep, Megan suggests that we as a Co-Op immediately reach out to the community to outline how local control of our telecom asset is essential to ensure our community maintains access to a neutral net. She suggests an immediate campaign to tie net neutrality to the local ownership of Burlington Telecom and is volunteering to kick this off, while the elections are taking place.