Carolyn Bates

Carolyn Bates

I was a beta person with BT. BT has been the make or break point for my photography business. BT was far ahead of the curve from the rest of the nation, so I was able to send files faster than anyone else in the USA. It still is fast. And it allows me to upload files to my ftp site for my clients very quickly. Thus wasting very little of my time.

Also, I am able to access BT webmail very easily, anywhere I go, as long as I have an internet connection, or my iphone. I have my landline phone with BT, which means I have access to a phone service that will always work.

BT has helped me as needed, to quickly solve any problems I might have. I seldom have to call them for repairs.

And above all else, I love cutting edge technology, that is local. And this makes me so happy that people have stepped forward to keep BT local. And I will be a proud owner of a tiny part of it. Just like I am a tiny proud owner of City Market.

So everyone in Burlington, and outside of town, please step up to the plate, so we can have a HOME RUN and keep BT local.