Over the past three weeks, you and over 800 other people took our survey intended to measure the level and type of interest and enthusiasm—as well as the skepticism—surrounding Burlington Telecom and its future. The results were astounding. Over 90% feel that it’s important that our telecommunication infrastructure be locally-owned and operated, and 90% want to see Burlington Telecom succeed.

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The first part of the meeting will bring you up-to-date with our plan for how a member telecom co-operative can be structured, how it can raise enough money to purchase BT, how it can be managed in a competitive fashion, and how it can begin to pay back the $16.9 million to the City’s cash pool.

Most of the meeting, however, will be dedicated to its real purpose: to engage folks in the process of making this plan real—for without active participation by a critical mass of people doing its fair share of work, the plan will shrivel to a forgotten dream. A Co-operative is made up of folks with a wide array of talents, life experiences and resources, and so we intend to populate several teams, each with a set of clear goals and tasks that, if reached over the next few months, will result in a powerful business plan and proposal to acquire Burlington Telecom.

If you will or cannot attend—either way—please click here to RSVP. We have a few questions that will give us a head start on our December 13th meeting to make it a more effective use of your valuable time. And if you have any questions, please email us at [email protected], but please note that this is just a temporary email address until the Co-op is been incorporated and it qualifies for its own “.coop” domain address.

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