We’re moving forward with our plan to transform BT and we’ve been hard at work getting organized.  Our plan is to transform BT into an aggressively competitive locally owned telecom Coop.  We are doing far more than simply purchasing BT.  We are transforming BT, activating a nascent customer base, and growing the business into the dominate telecom provider for Burlington.  We are doing this by an innovative combination of local financing and social networking.  This transformation is made possible through the Coop model which combines private ownership with community involvement.

We’re thrilled to be holding our first member meeting on Saturday April 6 from 11am to 1pm, where we’ll be accepting membership payments, voting on cooperative bylaws and beginning the process of electing a board of directors. Everyone is invited to attend, members that have made a $10 or greater payment will be able to vote.

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WHEN: Saturday April 6 from 11am to 1pm
WHERE: Champlain Elementary School in Burlington

Champlain Elementary School is located on Pine St in Burlington. Enter the main entrance and follow the signs and people to the meeting. View Larger Map

WHY:To Collect Membership Payments, Vote on Co-op Bylaws, and Nominate Board of Directors
Buying and operating a Telecom is no small feat, we’ve got a lot do. The purpose of this meeting is to get the co-op off the ground organizationally and financially. Members will be asked to pay at least $10 towards their memberships with the option of paying up to their full pledged amount to be used towards startup costs. Please make your payment in advance or bring a check or cash.

In addition to a couple presentations, we’ll be voting on co-operative bylaws that have been developed by a member committee over the past month. Click here to view the bylaws. We’ll also be nominating members to the board of directors, the first step of an election process that will last a couple weeks.

WHO: Saturday April 6 from 11am to 1pm
Everyone is invited to this meeting, members who have made a $10 or greater payment will be able to vote. If you have a friend that is on the fence about becoming a member, this will be a great opportunity to see our co-op in action and discuss the importance of this locally owned telecom.

April 6 Meeting Agenda

Final Agenda 4/6 Member Meeting:
1) Moderator appoints secretary to take minutes.
2) Introductions: moderator, adhoc steering committee, ad hoc by laws committee, adhoc nominating committee. (3 minutes)
3) Background info presentation: Alan Matson  (20 mins)
4) Summary of adhoc Steering Committee: (5 mins)
5) Summary of adhoc Bylaws Committee: (5 mins)
6) Summary of adhoc Nominating Committee: (5 mins)
7) Q&A covering any of the committee reports (15 mins)
8) Brief break & member registration (10 mins)
9) Motion to approve bylaws (30 mins)
10) Select Nominating Committee. (10 minutes)
11) Nominating Committee presents nominations for board and accepts additional nominations from the members. (15 mins)
12) Adjournment
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