Call in:           (424) 203-8400

Access Code: 105009#

Location:       129 N Champlain St (Peter Jewett’s garage).

Time:             5:30-7:00 PM Thursday Sept 26, 2013
Called to order at 5:45


  1. Select scribe for minutes.


  1. Attendance and introductions

Deb on Phone, Alan, Loredo, Andy arrived at 5:50

  1. Motion to approve minutes

Alan has not completed the minutes yet.

  1. Committee reports, Treasurer, Other

Treasurer’s Report:

Alan – We talked last meeting about reaching out to local banks. Alan has reached out through John Dwight, and has scheduled a meeting with the president of People’s United Bank for Friday the 27th.

Deb- How are we going to approach investors without a business plan?

Alan – John recommended that we don’t go in with a complex business plan yet. This is much more like an elevator pitch, we may need a business plan asap once it comes up.
Marketing Report:

Pete made a map of members, will put together an email to members.

Loredo has distributed a sign to a resident on Church St.

Alan has a map of unserved neighborhoods, perhaps we should reach out to these people.
Loredo: Legislation is being intruded in VT this year that will allow utilities to share conduit similarly to how pole attachment regulations in place today. We should get down to Montpelier to contribute to discussion.

Deb – There is a new federal mandate to triple the size of conduits in federal right of ways. Across the board, VT is looking at expanding conduit. However, conduits are full in Burlington.

Andy – FCC also has rules concerning shared conduit.

  1. Discuss next steps related to replacement Shay Toten.  Entertain a motion to formalize a decision.

Loredo – Shay has formally resigned due to other commitments. We are faced with a strategic decision, do we want to replace him or keep his slot open? We can discuss this tonight and decide to continue discussion, or make a decision tonight. There might be an advantage to keep a board seat open because investors might like a seat on the board.

Andy – our biggest challenge right now is finance, if we could replace with a financial heavy-hitter, it would be advantageous.

Everyone excitedly agrees to find a financial person*

Alan and Andy both are going to approach friends with local and financial backgrounds who fit this mold. Names have been withheld to protect the innocent.

Loredo – we need to continue this discussion, no need for a formal vote at this time.

Deb – do we have a timeline or process for bringing in a new person?

Loredo – says it is his problems and that he needs to review bylaws and come back with a report on mechanics of replacement.

  1. Discuss Tech Jam participation.  Entertain motion to formalize a decision.

Andy – Is it ok that we’re there alongside BT?
Loredo – according to Terry, there is no problem with us having a table. We need to plan our table and how we will approach the rough-table discussion.

Peter – will hold down the fort on Friday.

Alan moves to have a table at tech jam, seconded by Andy – Unanimously approved

Peter will register online at close of meeting.

  1. New business


  1. Motion to enter executive session to discuss negotiations with the City re: NDA.

Andy moves to enter executive session, Alan seconds. – Unanimously approved.

Alan moves to come out of executive session – Andy seconds, Unanimously

  1. Adjournment

Peter moves to adjourn, Alan seconds. – Unanimously approved.

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