Minutes for Keep BT Local Cooperative 2017/09/21


Board Members Present: Alan Matson, Andy Montroll, Al Wagener, Dave Mount, David Lansky

Via Phone: None

Other KBTL members present: Greg Epler Wood

Meeting Thursday, 5:00 PM, September 21, 2017

1. Call to order – 5:06 PM

2. Appoint Scribe – Al W.

3. Approve Minutes from 09/11- postponed.

4. Public awareness

a. Communications Strategy

1. PR group Greg reported on Outreach: Shay taking leadership role, had suggestions of where various councilors might stand; Megan will be out of town for next 2 weeks; 4 weak points: Management experience, debt cost, what portion of $16.9M does City get back, localism. Need clear messaging. Some work being done on Transition Board. Discussion of possible candidates.

2. Press and press inquiries

3. Emails to members re bid, upcoming events, etc.

4. Talking points, written pieces, etc.

5. Timeline – 3 timelines:

a. Now – 10/16: win bid.

b. 10/16 – 1/1 Close

c. – 3/31: finish PUC

5. Response to announcement of bidders

6. Transition Advisory Board

a. Comments to City Council

Executive Session

7. Bid Funding

End Executive Session

8. New Business

9. Next meeting date/location

10. Adjourn 6:22 PM


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