Call in:           (424) 203-8400
Access Code: 105009#

Location:       74 Main St (Dave Mount’s Office).

Time:             5:30-7:00 PM Thursday Oct 10, 2013


  1. Select scribe for minutes


  1. Attendance and Introductions

    Dave, Alan, Loredo, Deb on phone, Andy arrived at 6.

  1. Motion to approve minutes.

    Daves moves to accept, Alan seconds, unanimously approved.

    3.5 – Alan is leaving early and says we have one more fully paid member and about $6800 in the bank.

  1. Review of plans for Tech Jam

    Peter will put together a plan for Monday meeting so we can discuss details at the business plan meeting. Peter will handle Friday, Loredo will cover Saturday.

  1. Update on Business Plan work.

    Alan wants to form a working group weekly to work on business plan that way we’re consistently working through it. Monday at 2pm at Alan’s office.

  1. Motion to enter executive session to

    Dave moves to enter exec session, Peter seconds.

– discuss negotiations with the City re: NDA

– discuss private investor meetings

– discuss Board of director replacement.

Dave moves to exit executive session, Andy seconds. Unanimously approved.

  1. Motion to adjourn

    Dave moves to adjourn, Peter seconds. Unanimously approved.

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