Minutes for Keep BT Local Cooperative 2017/03/13


Board Members Present: Alan Matson, David Lansky, Andy Montroll

Via Phone: Al Wagener

Other KBTL members present: None

Location: Alan Matson’s Office, 5 Lawson Lane, Burlington, VT 05401

Meeting 5:30 PM, March 13, 2017

1. Call to order – 5:34 PM

2. Approve Minutes from 02/27 Approved.

3. Appoint Scribe – Al W.

4.Website Modifications Report – Al Wagener reported that changes discussed previously have all been implemented. Alan M. will be adding blog posts, for example BTAB and City Council meetings that we attend and answers to questions sent to us by KBTL members. Alan mentioned that, while the site now works better for mobile, the three column design at the bottom makes the upper portion look spare. Al W. will test a one column format.

5. Report on preparation for vote about proposed change to Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws – Alan reported on preparations.

Executive Session

6. Investor Conditions

7. Financing follow-up

End Executive Session

8. New Business

9. Next meeting date/location 3/27

10. Adjourn – 6:20 PM

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