Minutes for Keep BT Local Cooperative 2017/06/26


Board Members Present: David Lansky, Megan Epler Wood

Via Phone: Alan Matson, Al Wagener, Dave Mount

Other KBTL members present: None


Location: David Lansky’s Office, 431 Pine St, Burlington, VT 05401

Meeting Monday, 5:00 PM, June 26, 2017


1. Call to order – 5:30 PM

2. Appoint Scribe – David Lansky

3. Approve Minutes from 06/19 – Postponed

4. Public awareness

a. Communications Strategy

1. PR group – A Letter of Support, signed by local business people will be sent to BTAB, D&F by end of business, Tuesday. Al cleaning member email list. Greg working on lawn sign placement. Shay needs to send emails to members. Comm. Committee meeting Wed. Greg Hancock will do social media, and may need some instruction on Facebook.


2. Press and press inquiries – Not discussed

3. Email to members re bid, upcoming events, etc. David: It is important that we communicate to members promptly after LOI is final so we update membership that deal has changed substantially, no longer a leaseback.

4. Talking points, written pieces, etc.

5. June 22, Member Meeting Report – Not discussed

6. Timeline – Not discussed

Executive Session

5. Bid

6. Financing conversations and marketing plans for investors

End Executive Session


7. New Business – None

8. Next meeting date/location TBA

9. Adjourn 6:38 PM


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