Minutes for Keep BT Local Cooperative 2017/01/30

Board Members Present: Alan Matson, Al Wagener, David Lansky, Dave Mount, Megan Epler Wood
Other KBTL members present: None
Non-members present: Genese Grill, Candidate for City Council

Location: Alan Matson’s Office, 5 Lawson Lane, Burlington, VT 05401

Meeting 5:30 PM, January 30, 2017

1. Call to order 5:39 PM
2. Approve Minutes from 01/17 Approved
3. Appoint Scribe Al W.

4. Discuss policy on political candidates
a. Genese Grill was invited to attend by Megan, who had already talked with Genese about our goals.
Genese mentioned that a major focus of her campaign is to keep public ownership of public assets
in the hands of the public. She asked about our relationship to the BTAB. Alan explained that we
frequently attend meetings to monitor proceedings and offer comments. He also explained how the
proceeds of a sale of BT would be distributed among the Settlement parties.

b. Board plans to invite all candidates to come to a near future meeting for a presentation.

5. Discuss sale process proposal documents from BTAB. Some Board members will attend meeting.
Discussion about documents. We may ask for clarification of some of the items in the BTAB
proposal after hearing presentation:
1. How public will the deliberative process be?
2. Will there a public disclosure of interested parties?
3. Why might some parties not bid in the Alternative Formal Process?
4. Clarify April May Timeline – Who is doing the Diligence, City or potential bidders?
5. Only one timeline is listed. How are timelines different for Deliberative vs. Alternative Formal

6. Website Modifications Report – Al W.
Alan will edit finance page. Al and David will collaborate on other content.

Executive Session
7. Financing follow-up
End Executive Session

8. New Business – None.
9. Next meeting date/location 2/6, or 13, 2/20
10. Adjourn 7:21 PM

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