Minutes for Keep BT Local Cooperative 2017/01/17

Board Members Present: Andy Montroll, Alan Matson, Al Wagener, David Lansky, Dave Mount,
Via Phone: Megan Epler Wood
Other KBTL members present: Solveig Overby

Location: Alan Matson’s Office, 5 Lawson Lane, Burlington, VT 05401

Meeting 6:30 PM, January 17, 2017

1. Call to order – 6:37 PM
2. Approve Minutes from 01/03 – Approved.
3. Appoint Scribe – Al W.
3a. Member letter update –
Alan will send letter announcing election results and new officers, with more news to follow.
4a. Website Modifications Report – Al & Solveig presented a mock-up of website Home Page changes in response to member input looking for:
1. Less scrolling necessary when viewing on mobile and
2. an explanation of “Why a Coop?” that would appeal more directly to a viewer not familiar with coops.
David Lansky suggested that we replace Tech Rev. head w/ “City wants to Sell BT in 2017. We want to Buy it!”
Megan suggested mock-up was too “busy”. Move it closer to action steps, rather than focus on joining.
David Lansky: Less content on HP. Current news; we need you to get involved: financially, talk to friends. Al W. And Solveig will iterate on a prototype page and send it around for comments.

4b. BTAB – David Lansky reported on most recent BTAB meeting.
BT trying to lease space in NNE; landlord uncomfortable that rent would be subject to City’s annual appropriations.
New equipment in downtown core opens access to 600 or more potential subscribers; low-key marketing is generating interest.
Howard Center data services were lost to a competitor.
City’s timeline is to close BT sale in 2017. Wants to identify interested parties by end of Jan, offers by beginning of Summer, final terms by September.
BTAB plans to meet on Jan. 31 with draft of timeline and take it to Council Meeting on Feb. 6 for approval.
Executive Session
5. Legal review of documents
6. Discussion of approaching individuals and businesses.
End Executive Session

7. New Business – Discussion of how to interact with political campaigns. Concluded that Board members can talk individually, or political candidates are welcome to attend Board meetings. However, it would be inappropriate for Board to meet with any political candidate. Anything we do as a Board should be done equally for all i.e., a position paper sent to all candidates.

Solveig asked about approaching private individuals who might be in a position to help with funding. Alan Matson suggested that any KBTL member could say something like, “I’m a member of a coop that’s trying to purchase a locally-owned telecom. An obstacle we’re running into is that we need collateral for our bank loans. Would this be the kind of project you might think of supporting?” If the answer is affirmative, the next step would be to put the individual in touch with the KBTL board.

8. Next meeting date/location Mon. 1/30, 5:30 at 5 Lawson Ln.

9. Adjourn 7:53 PM.

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