Call in: (424) 203-8400

Access Code: 105009#

Location: 74 Main St (Dave Mount’s Office).

Time: 5:30-7:00 PM Thursday Feb 6, 2014


Called to order at 6:05

  1. Select scribe for minutes – Peter


  1. Attendance and Introductions – Alan Matson, Andy Montroll, Loredo Sola, Peter Jewett, Syd Eren


  1. Motion to approve minutes – Andy, Alan Seconds, Unanimous


  1. Discuss the BT settlement and Co-op funding options – Note: this is not executive session


Alan – Does everyone agree we should make a public statement?

Yes, everyone does.
Reviewed press release by Peter.

Discussed finance and options for moving forward based on the new settlement. 


Annual Meeting will be help in March.


  1. New business – None



  1. Motion to adjourn – Alan moves to adjourn, Andy seconds, unanimous.



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