February 20, 2014

5:45 called to order by President Loredo Sola

Present were Alan Matson, Dave Mount, Loredo Sola and Peter Jewett

Alan Matson appointed minute taker.

Matson moved to approve the agenda and Dave Mount seconded. Motion passed.

Matson moved to approve minutes. Dave Mount seconded.

Discussion uncovered several corrections that needed to be made.

Sola moved to table approving the minutes as there were several corrections that needed to be made. Jewett seconded. Motion passed. Thus, minutes have been tabled.

Steering Committee Meeting—March 6, Edmunds Middle School Library, An email was sent, Peter Jewet will send a list of folks who have received this email. 5:50-7:30.

Agenda for Steering Committee was discussed and set. Agenda will be roughly the following and Alan Matson will get a draft back to the Board.

  • Intro by Loerdo
  • Discuss three areas where we need working groups
    • Membership
    • Business Plan
    • Board Recruitment
  • Engage Steering Committee

Other tasks assigned for Steering Committee meeting.

Matson led a discussion on the BT Settlement and implications

There are incentives in the bridge financing to get the deal done in about two years is a primary feature of the settlement.

There’s another $1.3 million that the City owns. This means that there’s probably a $7.5+ bogey for the deal which might actually be closer to $10 million.

Dave Mount moved to adjourn. Jewett seconded. Passed.


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