Keep BT Local Board Meeting

April 24

Westaff offices, 74 Main Street

Attendees: Peter Jewett, Alan Matson, Loredo Sola

Steering Committee members: Don Schramm, Casey Lyon, Syd Eren

Meeting was called to order at 5:40 by Chair, Loredo Sola.

Motion to approve agenda Jewett/Matson. Passed.

We appear to be missing the minutes for March 20, and there was no quorum on April 10, hence no minutes.

Don Schramm gave a report on reaching out to NISC, National Information Services Cooperative. NISC is a coop that serves the utility and telecom industry and has been in existence for decades. Don, Carina Driscoll Alan & Loredo spoke with them on April 18…speaking with Todd and Vern Dosch and Todd Henecke. Don also submitted notes related to the call for the agenda that we had read through. Follow up from this call will be to reach out to CoBank and to try to find a couple NISC cooperative clients to network with. Don is touching base with Todd on this.

Don also spoke about looking for additionally talked about looking for additional Board members. While nobody has committed Don has reached out or will reach out to Carina Driscoll, Robert McDonald (Cabot) and speaking with Clem Nilan about others who might be interested. Additionally, Casey suggested Jovial King.

A possible approach for the Coop to get involved sooner rather than later was discussed. The very rough outline would be to make a capital contribution to BT in exchange for some level of equity. There were ideas about possibly doing this by hooking up a neighborhood such as Red Rocks to BT….via raising capital from the folks who sign up and getting them online.


Next the Annual Member Meeting was discussed. Alan agreed to put together a rough, one-page document for discussion by a few of us prior to the next Board meeting. At the next Board meeting this rough document will be used to establish the planning and work for the meeting.

Motion to adjourn Matson/Jewett. Passed

Meeting was adjourned at 6:55.

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