Location: Burlington College, main entrance then follow directions.

Time: 5:30 PM

Please forward to anyone not on this CC.
Thoughts, Feedback and modifications to these agenda are welcome.
Draft Agenda Steering Comm:
1) Attendance
2) Approve prior minutes
3) Approve 4/6 member meeting draft agenda (see below)
4) Create task list and assign tasks covering preparations for 4/6 meeting.
    – Room prep, chairs, tables, mic, video, unlock door etc.
    – Treasurer has table and money box for members who are paying.
5) Member communications: status update on what are we doing in advance of 4/6 meeting.  Emails calls, web site updates, etc.
6) Approve draft by laws (these will be sent later today in separate email
Draft Agenda 4/6 Member Meeting:
0) Moderator appoints secretary to take minutes.
1) Introductions: moderator, adhoc steering committee, ad hoc by laws committee, adhoc nominating committee.
2) Background Info presentation: Alan Mateson’s power point(?) (20 mins)
3) Summary of adhoc steering Comm activities. (5 mins)
4) Summary of adhoc by laws Comm process (5 mins)
5) Summary of adhoc nominating comm process (5 mins)
6) Approve by laws (30 mins)
7) Approve nominating comm membership. (10 minutes)
7) Nominating comm takes nominations for board (? mins)
    – Selections of the adhoc nominating comm are nominated at this point.
    – Any other floor nominations can be made too.
    – Note: Moderator must be prepared to handle a motion to close nominations versus keeping nominations open for non-attendees for a week.
    – When nomination is made it must be accepted (or not).  During this acceptance the candidate can introduce themselves IE give an acceptance speech.  (Time limit should be imposed on these speeches!)
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