Wholesale Data Services

Fiber – A variety of businesses, including banks. etc.. need private data services. Overall, there is around 30-40 million in revenue going to data services providers like AT & T and others. Today, those players are building fiber to businesses within BT’s service area. BT could partner with these companies to allow them to offer services over BTs fiber.


Wi-Fi – Cellphone companies are increasingly using Wi-Fi to deliver data services to their customers. BT could partner with cellphone companies to help them provide Wi-Fi data services to their customers, while expanding its free Wi-Fi coverage to BT customers throughout the city, instead of just at a few locations.


Retail Services

For information-intensive businesses of all sizes and kinds, symmetrical uploads are of high value. BT’s symmetry allows it to offer:


VOICE – BT has untapped VOIP capabilities which could add substantially to BT’s revenue and reach: VOIP services can be retailed to local businesses or sold wholesale to Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) throughout Vermont and into New York. VOIP added features, like Caller-ID on TV, Find Me Follow Me, and Converged e-mail and voice-mail can be added to services purchased by residential and business customers.


Off-site Backup – Businesses can back-up huge amounts of data to off-site locations at speeds that are usually only possible within the building (the Local Area Network, or LAN).


Extended LAN – seamless extension of in-building computer networks (LANs) to other buildings in the BT service area.


Cloud Access and services provision – “The Cloud” is a tech-speak term for out-sourced computing resources – You can rent the use of computing resources off-site. Therefore, you don’t have to maintain them. BT can provide vastly superior access to public cloud services (which allow companies to outsource data, software, and computation), as well as affording tech companies the ability to easily create and deliver locally-hosted, member-owned Cloud services both for their own use and to sell.


Business-Driven Services – Thanks to a BT business structure with built-in member input, Businesses will be able to drive additional services offered to them.

Services for Creative Professionals

Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Videographers, and other creative professionals  need to send and receive ever-larger amounts of data over the Internet, for activities like remote collaboration and data backup. The massive capacity of BT’s superior fiber-optic design means that these needs will be met for many years to come.

Services For Medical Facilities

Remote diagnosis, 3D remote radiology, telemetering, web-assisted disease management (diabetes, etc.), medical staff & patient education and training – all of these are greatly enhanced by Fiber-optics.



Online learning is growing at an explosive rate. Already, about 30 percent of American college students take at least one course online [1]. In fact, it’s estimated that, by 2019, 50% of all classes will be taught online [2]. All our existing educational institutions, as well as new one to emerge, can leverage BT’s network to deliver services like distance learning, which includes on-line tutoring, interactive testing, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), virtual worlds, and simulations. All of these benefit from fast, symmetrical, rock-solid bandwidth.




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