Many Burlingtonians don’t realize that we have a world-class fiber optic network throughout most of our City.

Our fiber-to-the-premises system is unique (and was expensive to build) because fiber runs through many neighborhoods and business centers in the Queen City. Unlike the competition’s shared-strand system, ours is built with a fiber for each potential customer, allowing it to scale with increasing bandwidth needs in the coming decades.

As the world watches the success of Chattanooga, TN’s Gigabit to Home and Google’s Fiber Project in Kansas City, we have an opportunity in Burlington and Greater Chittenden County to use this public resource for great public good.

The attributes of BT’s network allow it to offer services which are both far superior and more diverse than any that can be offered by its competitors. These are not just services in demand in the distant future, they are services in demand now – and are causing communities without them to lose out to communities that are more up to date [1] . Furthermore, BT’s infrastructure is built to be able expand beyond the City itself. This means, not just increased revenues, but increased economic stimulation as well. Some of these services were identified by the Hiawatha Broadband Report to the BRC back in 2010, which recommended that they be aggressively marketed.

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These include services for Businesses (Big and Small), Creative Professionals (Artists, Musicians, Photographers, Videographers), Families (Video, Gaming, Security), Health Care, and Education, all made possible by the superior physical characteristics of BT’s network. Graph UP

Results were obtained by analyzing test data between Dec 4, 2012 and Jan 2, 2013. Tests from 163,039 unique IPs have been performed in Vermont and of 499,565 total tests, 19,047 tests are represented in this chart. Graphs provided via

Why is our network so great?

  • Not throttled
  • 100% Home Run Network, not shared
  • You can run hosting
  • Symmetrical Upload / Download speeds
  • Competitive Rates
  • Future Proof – Cutting Edge – Nothing’s Faster than the speed of light

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