nDanville: Twice the Bandwidth, 30% Savings

Danville, Virginia is turning into a vibrant high-tech hub thanks to the success of nDanville, an open access fiber-optic network operated by the City’s public power company. They have connected half of the communities health care facilities, providing crucial links between regional facilities, in order to rapidly share patient information with one another. The medical […]

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Rural Kansas Community Gets a Gigabit

Chanute is not just a small rural town in Southeast Kansas anymore. Their State-of-the-Art fiber network connects schools and other important community institutions with gigabit networks, and many local businesses give the publicly owned utility credit for providing the best available broadband option. Through strategic partnership’s with local businesses, Chanute has made great progress in […]

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Chattanooga, TN: The Nation’s Most Automated Smart Grid

Chattanooga was the first community in the U.S. to provide universal access to a gig connection. Although there was significant local support for the project, that didn’t stop Comcast and the state cable association from filing a few lawsuits to try and prevent it from moving forward. Despite these efforts from industry leaders, EPB expanded […]

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Community Broadband Creates Jobs

I came across this interesting study done by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance asserting that community owned fiber networks do in fact spur economic growth. The ILSR periodically collects data on economic development and it’s relationship to community owned broadband networks, and released a fact sheet that documents a few of the many instances when […]

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Community Broadband Networks: Coop Status for Burlington Telecom?

A nice write up from a group dedicated to connecting nation-wide movements of building broadband networks that are directly accountable to the communities they serve. Unfortunately, as we have seen with public power privatizations, [privatization] typically results in worse services and higher prices due to the loss of local control. Read the full article from […]

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