March 20 Board of Director Meeting – Agenda

Call in:           (424) 203-8400 Access Code: 105009# Location:       74 Main St (Dave Mount’s Office). Time:             5:30-7:00 PM Thursday March 20 2014 Agenda: 1) Select scribe for minutes 2) Attendance and Introductions 3) Motion to approve minutes 4) Discuss steering committee activities 5) Discuss annual member […]

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March 6 Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

Meeting is going to be held Thursday 3/6 from 5:30-7:30pm at Edmund’s Middle School Library. Proposed Agenda for Steering Committee Meeting   Introductory Remarks by Loredo Discuss the settlement Talk about what we’ve been doing What is the purpose of the Steering Committee and this meeting Three areas where we need to work Membership Growth—Pete […]

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February 20 Board of Directors Meeting – Minutes

February 20, 2014 5:45 called to order by President Loredo Sola Present were Alan Matson, Dave Mount, Loredo Sola and Peter Jewett Alan Matson appointed minute taker. Matson moved to approve the agenda and Dave Mount seconded. Motion passed. Matson moved to approve minutes. Dave Mount seconded. Discussion uncovered several corrections that needed to be […]

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