The City Sold BT in 2017.

The Council chose Schurz as the winning bid but has yet to sign a final contract.

So, we still need your input!

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Why? Because it’s not over ’til it’s over…

Until Schurz receives a Certificate of Public Good from the Public Utiliies Commission and the deal closes, KBTL needs to remain a viable company with the ability to revive its offer on short notice.

And even then, it’s not over, because the reasons we need locally-owned and controlled telecom services will not magically disappear. If anything, they will grow.

What else can you do right now? Plenty!

  • On May 9, the Public Utilities Commission will be in town to hear from you. They want to know your opinion on whether the sale of BT to Schurz in in the best interest of the citizens of Burlington. Please go to this hearing (7:00 PM, in Contois Auditorium, City Hall) and share your thoughts!
  • If you weren’t able to attend, find out what happened at the 2017 KBTL Annual Member Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 19
  • To find out more about where we go from here, view the notes from the January 31 Member Meeting.
  • Continue to encourage people to email their support of the greatest possible local ownership and control of BT.
  • Fill out this volunteer form and let KBTL know what you can do! Schurz may have won the bid, but we still need to push for the best contract the City can get.
  • Keep sharing this petition so we can deliver an even more robust list to councilors and the mayor by the Dec. 27th meeting. We now have more than 800 signatures, so keep up the great work!
  • Keep emailing and calling your city councilors, and post your support to Front Porch Forum.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions list and use it to help answer questions from your neighbors and friends.

Are you…?

Concerned about recent comments by the Mayor and others about our bid? Read the Bid FAQ for answers.

a Burlington Telecom subscriber? Call your council members and tell them you support Keep BT Local.

a Burlington resident? Email the City Council and Mayor this week in support of Keep BT Local’s bid with one simple email: [email protected]

a business owner or leader? Call all the council members and tell them how BT helps your business, how it helps attract and retain your employees, and how important it is that it stay locally controlled.

active on Front Porch Forum or Nextdoor? Write a post and activate your neighbors!

on Facebook? Like our page and share some posts!

on Twitter? Follow @KeepBTLocal and retweet us!

In other words, talk about it!

Got questions?

Read the Frequently Asked Questions list and use it to help answer questions from your neighbors and friends.

Sign this petition to let the City Council know you support keeping BT citizen-owned!


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