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    A Tech Revolution is Happening in Burlington, VT

    “In eras past, economic success depended on creating networks that could shift people, merchandise and electric power as efficiently and as widely as possible. Today’s equivalent is broadband … Easy access to cheap, fast internet services has become a facilitator of economic growth and a measure of economic performance.” – The Economist

We have new Board of Directors Officers: Andy Montroll, Chair, Alan Matson, Vice Chair/Treasurer

View the meetings and agendas of the Board of Directors Fill out our volunteer sign up form to start getting involved, we're currently working on putting together a co-op infographic. Pledged Members - Click Here to Make Your Membership Payment of $25 or up to $250
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Own It Or Lose It - 3 Reasons To Pledge

We Need Your Support...

Our goal is to collect 1,000 pledges of $250 as well as member loans. This equity will allow us to secure additional funding and make an offer to buy BT from the City.

This Isn't a Donation...

As a member of our co-op, you'll have the opportunity to influence the way we're run and receive a share of our annual profits.

$25 Recommended Payment...

Members are required to pay at least $10 in order to vote. You can pay up to your full pledged amount, recommended payment is $25.
Our mission is to ensure the long-term viability of Burlington’s world-class fiber to the home network, and to extend its state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of the community and businesses through the creation of a local, member-owned, telecom cooperative.

Meet Our Members

What is so great about BT's fiber network? When it comes to internet access speed, The United States currently ranks around  33rd among "developed" countries, behind countries like Russia, Hungary, and Malta. BT, however, currently offers actual, measured (not just claimed), reliable speeds (up to 1GB) so fast, that, if Burlington were a country, they would easily make us number one.

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What is a co-Op? Why form one now? There are a number of ways to structure a locally-owned company. We've come to feel that a for-profit cooperative would deliver the best mix of sound business practice, willingness to make the necessary investments to develop BT, and responsiveness to subscriber needs. Furthermore, it's a model that is proven to work for telecom and one that is proven to work in Burlington

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How can I help? Why should I pledge? Our immediate goal is to get 1,000 membership pledges of $250 as soon as possible. All we want today is your good-faith membership pledge, we're not currently accepting payments. Once the co-op is incorporated, most likely sometime in March, we'll call in the pledges and vote on a board of directors. Show your love for Burlington Telecom and pledge by Valentines Day.

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