A Tech Revolution is Happening in Burlington, VT

The Keep BT Local Telecom Cooperative.


What is so great about BT’s fiber network?

When it comes to internet access speed, The United States currently ranks around  33rd among “developed” countries, behind countries like Russia, Hungary, and Malta.
BT, however, currently offers actual, measured (not just claimed), reliable speeds (up to 1GB) so fast, that, if Burlington were a country, they would easily make us number one.

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What is a co-op? Why form one now?

There are a number of ways to structure a locally-owned company. We’ve come to feel that a for-profit cooperative would deliver the best mix of sound business practice, willingness to make the necessary investments to develop BT, and responsiveness to subscriber needs. Furthermore, it’s a model that is proven to work for telecom and one that is proven to work in Burlington

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How can I help? Why should I pledge?
Now that the co-op is incorporated, and has a board of directors, every new pledge we receive strengthens our position and our ability to secure the funding we need to acquire Burlington Telecom.  Show your love for Burlington Telecom and pledge today!

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